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Welcome to 1001 Classic Short Stories and Tales Audio Podcast!  This is a hand-picked collection of favorites from writers like Jack London, Louisa May Alcott, Hans Christian Anderson, Edgar Allen Poe, Rudyard Kipling, and many more. I narrate the stories and often add background music and sound effects to bring the stories to life. These are suitable for the entire family, enjoyed by all ages and levels of literary experience, and often make great discussion starters for students who are just getting exposed to literature. 

For all of you who love a good story, we hope you come back again and again, and please share our show with others!

Jon Hagadorn/1001 Stories Podcast Network


Jan 29, 2018

In this unusual tale from Jack London, group of people cruising the South Pacific pause for a story from one of the men sitting on deck.

He recalls a similar party on which was a beautiful but spoiled and deadly woman, who decided to tempt a group of young native divers with coins she would throw overboard.

After they...

Jan 22, 2018

A semi-barbaric king has devised a trial by chance that offers the accused a choice of two doors. Behind one is a beautiful lady who will become his wife once he opnes the door. Behind the other is a man-eating tiger waiting to spring upon whoever opens the door.   In the story, the king has discovered that his daughter...

Jan 15, 2018

This classic horror tale from W.W.Jacobs places an old British soldier in a friends home with a tale to tell about the magical and dangerious powers of a monkey's paw he has brought with him. He warns his friends not to use it but they insist, and disaster follows.

Jan 8, 2018

When Mark Twain stayed in a California gold camp in 1864-65 he picked up a lot of story ideas.  With his unique brand of humor, he manages to compare the labors of men digging things out of empty holes to the labors of a blue jay filling a knothole in the top of an empty house with acorns and not unfderstanding why...

Jan 1, 2018

A balloon pilot recounts a harrowing incident involving a young boy during a public show in Oakland CA in this riveting jack London tale.