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Welcome to 1001 Classic Short Stories and Tales Audio Podcast!  This is a hand-picked collection of favorites from writers like Jack London, Louisa May Alcott, Hans Christian Anderson, Edgar Allen Poe, Rudyard Kipling, and many more. I narrate the stories and often add background music and sound effects to bring the stories to life. These are suitable for the entire family, enjoyed by all ages and levels of literary experience, and often make great discussion starters for students who are just getting exposed to literature. 

For all of you who love a good story, we hope you come back again and again, and please share our show with others!

Jon Hagadorn/1001 Stories Podcast Network


Sep 25, 2017

The story revolves aound a young boy who is desperately seeking the love of his mother, whose love for her family has been overshadowed by her desire for money and material things, and who feels that luck left her long ago. The boy discovers a psychic connection with a gift rocking horse which promises to provide answers to his mother's unhappiness, a psychic connection which takes a heavy toll. Our Sponsors: Zip Recruiter: Hiring? Use our URL and get a FREE account at Your hiring problems will be solved! The Great Courses Plus: Imagine having unlimited access to over one thousand exciting 30 minute video courses on everything from gardening, cooking, and photography to WWII history! Get your first 30ndays FREE by going to today! #shortstories #therockinghorsewinner #1001Classic ShortStories